• Syed Atif Mehmood
Keywords: Construction Industry, Economic Growth, Environmental Sustainability, Pakistan, Inflation


The aim of the study is to determine the role played by construction sector in economic growth of Pakistan. As the construction sector flourish and helps in boosting up other sectors of the economy because of having backward and forward linkages. The research is based on quantitative data investigation on secondary data. Data employ in the study is time series non stationary data. Working of data performed on e-views. Study depicted that co-integration and long run relationship exist among the dependent and independent variables of the explained model. This study postulates that there is positive association of construction sector with economic growth of Pakistan and it has significant effect. Inflation results in reduction in economic growth but significant impact on growth whereas environmental sustainability (carbon dioxide damage) and growth has the inverse and insignificant relationship.

Author Biography

Syed Atif Mehmood

Syed Atif Mehmood, MS/M.Phil. (E&F),  Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan


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