• Syeda Umaima Riaz
  • Syed Shahid Zaheer Zaidi
Keywords: Rewards, performance, workforce diversity, HR, motivation, UBI


The focus of the research was performance of employees in relation to rewards because performance is the most important factor in determining the organization’s future. The purpose of the study was to analyze how rewards impact performance of workforce in banking sector of Karachi. The methods that used in research were both qualitative and quantitative. The subjects were the employees from a commercial bank of Karachi to which questionnaires were administered. The study identified that there existed a significant relationship between rewards and performance yet the diversity in the workforce had different motivation level for the different rewards. It was concluded that HR while designing and executing the reward system for workforce must consider the challenges of workforce diversity. Covid-19 has changed the environment of work place internationally as well as nationally, so it is mentioned the concept of Basic Income.(UBI).

Author Biographies

Syeda Umaima Riaz

PhD Scholar, Department of Public Administration, UoK

Syed Shahid Zaheer Zaidi

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, UoK


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