• Zakia Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Athar Hussain
Keywords: Need, Guidance, Secondary School, Rahim Yar Khan


The investigation entitled “Need of Guidance Program at Secondary School Level in District Rahim Yar Khan.” was intended to discover the need for Guidance at the secondary school level. The focal point of the study was to find the need for Guidance in Govt. Schools; to dissect the views of educators and understudies about direction. Two polls were utilized, one for understudies and one for educators to hear their views about the need of direction at the school level. Due to constrain of time and assets, the examination was delimited to Rahim Yar Khan District which has Four Tehsils. From each Tehsil, Six Govt. schools with Eight understudies of ninth class and Two Secondary School Teachers instructors were arbitrarily chosen as a test of study. The absolute sample was Two Hundred & Forty included One Hundred Ninety-Two understudies and Forty-Eight educators. Two information sheets were structured in SPSS form Twenty Three. Numerical codes were allocated to the reactions of members. After computation, the result revealed that the Guidance program helps the students in career choices; Students get awareness about different subjects and choose their best interest subjects through guidance. It was prescribed that each school ought to have a useful direction focus on the administrations of expert Guides.

Author Biographies

Zakia Khan
Lecturer in Education, Government Degree College (W), Sukkur Ada Rahim Yar Khan. Email:
Dr. Muhammad Athar Hussain
Assistant Professor, Department of Education, IUB, Rahim Yar Khan Campus. Email:


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