• Dr. Irshad Hussain
  • Dr. Shahida Sajjad
Keywords: Quality of Education, Head Teacher, Secondary Education, Instructional Material, Quality Assurance, Curriculum, Political Pressure


This study identified the problems of female headteachers in promoting the quality of secondary education. It employed a descriptive survey design. The data was collected from 15 female secondary school headteachers through a piloted (five-point rating scale) questionnaire. The data was analyzed in descriptive form i.e. percentage and presented in tabular form. This study concludes that female secondary school head teachers face different problems in promoting the quality of education. They face infrastructure-related and financial problems along with undue political, ethnic, and departmental pressure; conflicts and association of teachers in the schools and male domination (social problems like stigmatizing) in the society. Therefore, suitable measures may be taken to address the issue for the cause of quality education.

Author Biographies

Dr. Irshad Hussain
Dr. Irshad hussain is working as Chairmen, Department of Education, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. He has organized workshops/ seminars and conferences in the Department. Besides, he has presented his research papers in different Conferences Organized by National and International Universities. His research papers have been published in internationally reputed journals.
Dr. Shahida Sajjad
Dr. Shahida sajjad is a well-known Pakistani Professor in the field of Special Education. Dozens of her research papers have been published in national and international JCR and SCOPUS indexed journals. She has organized and participated in different national and international meetings and workshops.


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